Hand & Arm Injury Treatment Leaders

Mass General Brigham Sports Medicine is a national leader in the treatment of hand, arm and wrist injuries that result from an active lifestyle.

Whether you have golfer's elbow, wrist or hand pain from playing softball, tennis elbow from too many weekends on the court, or carpal tunnel syndrome, we work together with you to develop a research-informed, transparent treatment plan designed to give you the best possible outcomes for your arm, wrist or hand injury.

From the moment you contact us for a consultation, our teamfrom office staff to advanced practitioners, surgeons to occupational therapistsstrives to deliver a warm, personal care experience. Together, we'll get you the care you need to perform at the level you desire.

A Team Approach to Patient-centered Care

The Hand and Arm treatment team collaborates with experts across Mass General Brigham to provide multidisciplinary care tailored to your arm, hand or wrist injury and needs. Your sports medicine specialist will learn your medical history, discuss your wrist, hand or arm injury and desired treatment outcomes and may consult with specialist like physical therapy, orthopedic surgery, sports psychology and interventional radiology, to develop a treatment and rehabilitation plan for your arm, wrist or hand injury that gets you back to your sport and performing your best.

Some athletes may choose to involve coaches, athletic trainers, agents or other support persons in their care. Our team will happily communicate with you and your team to ensure each decision made has your best interests at heart.

Common Hand & Arm Injuries

Our Hand and Arm treatment team uses innovative approaches to treat the full spectrum of hand and elbow disorders, including:

  • Hand fracture (phalangeal, metacarpal)
  • Wrist fracture (scaphoid, distal radius)
  • Elbow fracture
  • Torn or cut tendons (bicep, tricep, hand, wrist, finger and thumb tendons)
  • Wrist injury, including triangulofibrocartilage (TFCC) tears, scapholunate ligament and wrist sprain
  • Ligament injuries, such as skier's thumb (ulnar collateral ligament tears)
  • Nerve compression or injury (carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, nerve lacerations)
  • Finger injury
Patient Resources

Have questions? See our list of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation resources.

Why Choose Us?

Our experts care for the whole athlete and address any injury. We're dedicated to helping athletes return to the top of their game.

Teams We Treat

Our sports medicine physicians have a proven track record of successfully caring for professional and college athletes throughout New England.

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Request an appointment with a Mass General Brigham Sports Medicine specialist. The call center is available 7 days a week, 8 am -  8 pm. Our dedicated team is committed to providing expert care for your sports injury. Please use the form below or call 617-726-0500 to determine the care that is best for you.

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