Innovation in Treating Shoulder Injuries

Mass General Brigham Sports Medicine specializes in the care of shoulder injuries that result from leading an active lifestyle. Whether you're an amateur baseball player, competitive golfer or professional tennis player, we will work with you to understand the extent of your injury and to help you get back to performing your best. At Mass General Brigham, all levels of athletes are provided the highest quality of care.

As part of your team, we'll work with you to understand your goals—discuss your treatment and recovery options, along with the benefits and risks of each—to ultimately help you choose the best path for your health and wellness and get you back to your best athletic performance, safely.

Our experts focus on every aspect of shoulder injury and care. Our clinicians have a deep knowledge of shoulder mechanics and physiology, which is the basis of all our research-informed treatment programs. And our clinical experts are often athletes themselves, so they understand the unique demands of each sport and incorporating the aspects of your sport into your rehabilitation and return-to-play plan.

For urgent shoulder injury appointments after hours and on weekends, please contact our virtual care clinic.

Care for Shoulder Pain and Injuries

The shoulder treatment care team works in conjunction with experts across Mass General Brigham. Multiple specialists—including physical therapists, orthopaedic surgeons, sports psychologists and radiologists—come together to provide research and insight to inform your care and treatment plan. With you at the center, your team will get to know your story, your desired timeline and outcomes, your medical history and the specifics of your shoulder pain, to develop a treatment and rehabilitation plan tailored to you.

Common Shoulder Injuries

  • Shoulder sprain
  • Bicep sprain
  • AC shoulder joint injury- dislocated shoulder and separated shoulder
  • Ligament tears
  • Cartilage tears
  • SLAP (superior labrum anterior and posterior) tears
  • Articular cartilage tears
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Rotator cuff inflammation
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Frozen shoulder (stiffness)
  • Clavicle fracture
  • Shoulder arthritis
  • Shoulder instability

Treating Shoulder Injuries

  • Physical therapy
  • Steroid injections
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Shoulder replacement surgery
  • Activity modifications
Patient Resources

Have questions? See our list of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation resources.

Why Choose Us?

Our experts care for the whole athlete and address any injury. We're dedicated to helping athletes return to the top of their game.

What to Expect

Based on your unique case, your doctor will discuss a range of treatment options with you along with the attendant risks and benefits.

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