Rehabilitation: How to Manage Your Current Condition

After determining your baseline, the physical therapist will develop a plan for you to regain maximum function and mobility, allowing you to gradually return to play without overtaxing your injury. Plans typically involve strengthening and stretching exercises along with manual techniques aimed at reducing stiffness and tightness, improving your range of motion and strengthening your muscles to reduce instability.


What Is the Difference Between Men

What Is the Difference Between Men's and Women's Torn Hip Labrum Recovery?

A torn hip labrum is an injury to the cartilage around the hip joint socket. Learn about differences in symptoms, treatment and recovery options in men and women.

After Ankle Injury, When Can You Get Back to Your Sport?

After Ankle Injury, When Can You Get Back to Your Sport?

Before returning to training and competition after an ankle injury, your sports medicine team need to first test your body's ability to handle it.

4 Things to Know About Prehab

4 Things to Know About Prehab

Prehab can help athletes get into the best shape before having hand, wrist or arm surgery. Doing prehab exercises also can speed up recovery.

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